Mean Gene

Digital watercolour of my favourite actor Gene Hackman. This is from The Conversation, my favourite movie.


Shark Cover

Unused cover for a book about sharks, always liked this blood red version.

Cherry Season

Short little title for a friends short film called Cherry Season that you can watch here. idea was for a neon sign that might hang in a cafe or similar in a small town. 

Splish Splash

Animation for Golden State's crushing run through the 2017 NBA Finals. 

Shirt Colourways

Different colour combinations for The Frankies 4th Birthday shirt. They didn't get used but I liked these versions. 


Beer label for Sydney craft beer week. Some shady stuff going on in the farm yards. 

Brain Door

Illustrations for a scince workbook for high school students. 


Skin Crawling

Animation test for a project I am working on. The speeds are all janky but still fun to muck around with. 

UFC - 196

Illustrations for Unibet Australia's UFC 196 coverage. Had to draw both of the results as they had to have the image up as soon as the victor was crowned. 

SuperSports 50

Illustrations for Unibet Australia's Superbowl coverage. Had to draw both teams winning as they had to have the image up as soon as the victor was crowned. In another dimension the Panthers and Newton dance to victory. 


Troma inspired design for a beer label for Frankie's Pizza as part of Sydney Craft Beer Week. Trying to vibe Toxic Avenger and all those rad old Garbage Pail Kids cards. 

Beers with Harry

Beer label design for Frankie's Pizza as part of Sydney Craft beer week. Trying to channel a retro Harry and the Henderson's vibe with this one.

Radiation Man

Limited edition poster for New Albion Sports who sponsored the Football Film Festival. The poster is of Lionel Messi playing on his nickname of The Atomic Flea or La Pulga Atomica. In my version he is blowing away his defenders with his atomic blast. 

Also included below are some sketches and another version of the same concept that didn't get used. 

Frankie's 3rd Birthday from Hell

Poster for Frankie's Pizza for their 3rd Birthday. Based on a painting depicting Dante's inferno, substituting some of the creatures for Frankie's staff and adding lots of other crazy details. Was a total blast to draw but took a loooooooong time. Below is the drawing by itself and what it looked like in the end with text added.