Dark and Stormy Beet

Beer Decal for Frankie's Pizza. Its a dark and heavy beer and they wanted something spooky to match. 

Ablett (not the good kind)

Easily the worst Prime Minister we have ever had (in Australia) was bounced last week by his own party. Here is my take on the matter imagine Abbott as Hamlet staring at an Onion imagining better times. 

Ass Stories 3

New Amazing Sports Stories starring the always exciting Eric Cantona. 

Larry Larry Larry

Second in the series of Amazing Sports Stories in collaboration with my good friend James. 

Larry Bird and his trash talking warm up jacket antics in the 1987 Three Point shootout. 

Check out more great stuff at newalbionsports.com

The death of Basit ALi

First in a series of comics in collaboration with my good friend James. They are all going to focus on a funny/amazing/ridiculous moment in sport. 

The first one here is when a young Shane Warne ruined Basit Ali by bowling him between his legs on the last ball of the day at the 95-96 Sydney Test. Something I haven't seen since. 

Check out more great stuff at newalbionsports.com

Some great friends have started a clothing label over at newalbionsports.com. It is really good stuff. 

They are also partnering with some great writing about all things sports. This is an illustration I did for an article written by my good mate James about the 93-94 scoring title race between David Robinson and Shaq. The admiral has a dancing Shaq in his sights as he drops 71 points to take the title. 

Check out the sketch below that ended up becoming the final piece. The likeness of Shaq is uncanny but I drew him as a Laker and not as a Magic.  

Pizza Panel

Quick little gif of the process behind a panel from a comic I am working on. From sketches to final drawing. 

Slice Platters

First page of a comic I am working on. It is about a man and a woman who go on a date looking for somewhere nice to eat. They are denied entry to every establishment and get so hungry they end up eating the entire city. 

The page has been coloured and lettered but it still needs some tweaking. You can also check out the rough sketch of the page in its early state. 

Winner Winner Ding Ding!

Last year as a Studio we were nominated for best Illustration and Best typography in the 2014 Desktop Mag awards. We won both! 

I was very thrilled as I was the main illustrator on the Frontiers collection that won the award. Check out more detailed posts on the main page to see the work you can also buy prints of everything from The Distillery site. 

Big congrats to Daryl Prondoso who art directed the whole thing and worked on all the typography on the posters.

Bubblegum Baby

This is the Baby Shower invite I designed for my little guy who was born in July this year. Maja my partner was the client and she wanted it to be maximum bubblegum, maximum ice cream and maximum cupcakes. Can't really argue with that. 

It was letterpressed at The Distillery and here is a GIF of the two colour runs. Showing how the over printing works by creating a third colour. 

Body Ball

Rough concept for another LED art project I an working on. This is just rough animation of what it might look like in the end. Trying to do something similar to the Flexin For First project but using different LEDs that are addressable and a lot more versatile.

Kirin Cider

Kirin Cider had brought out a new Cider range and had teamed up with couple of different artists to showcase what they do and why they do it. For a day they came in and filmed me to show the process of Letterpress printing. We talked about the history of Letterpress printing and why we do what we do at The Distillery. Kirin had designed some coasters to be printed and I was filmed showing the whole process from start to finish. Check out the video it came together really well. 

Flexin For First

This is a piece I did for The Workroom gallery in Newcastle.  It was for a show titled 'Flags and Trophies'. Was just a fun idea I had for a bunch of weird old 80s muscle guys flexing on a podium. 

I wanted to try and do something with Led's and learn how to program using an Arduino or something similar. I drew the guys and painted them then laser cut out the shapes and the placed laser cut acrylic with the drawings into the wood.  The soldering and wiring was a bit of a challenge but I got through all the spaghetti in the end. 

It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but it was still kinda cool. I am hoping to revisit this kinda project soon and really nail it. 



 Just realised this old drawing of a man looks a lot like a zombie. Halloween was a couple of days ago so it seems appropriate.